Online Exhibits

Seattle at 150

Stories of the city through 150 objects from the Seattle Municipal Archives, in honor of the city's sesquicentennial.

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

How Native American activism led to the dedication of public land for Native peoples' use for the first time since the founding of Seattle.

Boundary Dam

A history of the construction and development of City Light's dam in northeastern Washington.

Seattle Design Commission: 50 Years

Selected photos and drawings that highlight projects reviewed by the commission during its first 50 years.

Lake Washington Ship Canal

A set of small exhibits highlighting the construction of the canal and development along its shores.

The Seattle Open Housing Campaign, 1959-1968

The story of the long struggle for fair housing legislation in Seattle, as told through photographs, documents, and audio clips.

Pike Place Market Centennial

A brief history of the market's first hundred years, including its founding and development, its farmers and shoppers, and the citizen initiative that saved it from urban renewal in the 1970s.

Redlining in Seattle

A look at the city's efforts to address discriminatory lending practices identified in a 1975 report by the Central Seattle Community Council Federation.

Strength & Stamina: Women in the Fire Department

The story of the courage, hard work, and perseverance it took for women to enter the all-male world of firefighting in Seattle.

A City at Work: Images from the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection

A wide-ranging display of images from the Photograph Collection, highlighting the history, work, and accomplishments of Seattle city government.

Urban Refugees: The 1978 Housing Crisis

The conversion of apartment buildings to condominiums caused a housing crunch for renters in the late 1970s.

Seattle's City Halls

A look at city halls throughout Seattle's history, from the first building constructed for city government offices to the new city hall that opened in 2003.

AYPE: A Memorable Enterprise

A behind-the-scenes look at Seattle city government's role in preparing the city for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in 1909.

Annexed Cities

Eight small towns were annexed to Seattle between 1905 and 1910, some enthusiastically and some reluctantly. This exhibit takes a look at the history of four of those towns and how they became part of the city.

Caring, Commitment and Support: 20 Years of Domestic Partnership Registration in Seattle

Timeline of legislation and other events that led to legal domestic partnerships in the city.

Women in City Government

An exhibit illustrating women's employment and involvement in Seattle city government and their stories and struggles in finding their "places" in the City.