Mayors, 1869-1890

Seattle was again incorporated, this time as a city, by an act of the Territorial Legislature on December 2, 1869. The City's first mayor, Henry A. Atkins, was appointed by the Legislature pending the first City election scheduled for July 1870. The City Charter, granted by the Legislature, set the Mayor's term of office at one year. Elections were held on the second Monday in July.

 Atkins  Jordan Stone 
Henry A. Atkins
Term Began 12/2/1869 & 7/11/1870
Appointed by the Territorial Legislature pending the town’s first election.
John T. Jordan
Term Began 7/31/1871
No Party Affiliation.
Corliss P. Stone
Term Began 7/29/1872
Stone left the city before his term ended.
 Jordan  Maddocks Colins 
John T. Jordan
Term Began 4/5/1873
No Party Affiliation.
Jordan was appointed acting mayor to serve until a special election could be held to fill out the term.
Moses R. Maddocks
Term Began 6/5/1873
Republican. Maddocks was elected to serve the final two months of Stone’s term.
John Collins
Term Began 8/3/1873
 Yesler  Gatzert  Weed
Henry L. Yesler
Term Began 8/2/1874
Bailey Gatzert
Term Began 8/2/1875
Gideon A. Weed
Term Began 7/31/1876 & 7/30/1877
No Party Affiliation.
 Brown  Jacobs  Smith
Beriah Brown
Term Began 7/29/1878
People’s Ticket.
Orange Jacobs
Term Began 8/3/1879
Leonard P. Smith
Term Began 8/2/1880 & 8/1/1881
 Struve  Leary  Yesler
Henry G. Struve
Term Began 7/31/1882 & 7/30/1883
John Leary
Term Began 8/3/1884
Business Men’s Ticket
Henry L. Yesler
Term Began 8/3/1885
 Shoudy Minor   Moran
William H. Shoudy
Term Began 8/2/1886
People’s Party.
Thomas T. Minor
Term Began 8/1/1887
Robert Moran
Term Began 7/30/1888 & 7/29/1889
Harry White
Term Began 8/3/1890
Republican. White served an abbreviated term prior to adoption of a new City charter.