Spaying and Neutering Fees

Payment options

Cash, check, VISA, Mastercard and debit cards are accepted, and payment is due at pickup. If you are unable to afford spay or neuter surgery fees, the Pet Population Control Fund (PPCF) is available to help cover your costs. Please let us know when you request an appointment if you require such assistance.

Microchip implantation and vaccination services are only available at the time of surgery and are not eligible for the PPCF. Please see our events calendar for the dates and times of our monthly, low-cost Protect Your Pet mobile veterinary clinic. If you reside in the Seattle city limits, you must purchase an altered Seattle pet license at the time of surgery; this also is not eligible for the PPCF.

Dog surgery fees

Animal weightMaleFemale
Under 50 pounds $144 $156
50-80 pounds $162 $174
Over 80 pounds $186 $186

Cat & rabbit surgery fees

Cats, all sizes $102 $108
Rabbits, all sizes $90 $90

Vaccination fees

FvRCP N/A $10
FeLV N/A $10
Rabies $10 $10
DA2PP $10 N/A
Lepto $10 N/A
Bordetella $10 N/A

Additional fees

Microchip implantation $30
Seattle pet license varies
In-heat $70
Pyometra - under 51 pounds $175
Pyometra - over 51 pounds $280
Obese $35
Unilateral cryptorchid $70
Bilateral cryptorchid $140
Umbilical hernia repair $35