Surrender Your Pet

Before you surrender your pet

We understand that sometimes pet owners believe they cannot keep their pet. When you surrender a pet to any shelter, the transition can be difficult. Shelters are stressful environments for even the most well-adjusted animal. Before you make the final decision to surrender your animal, do these things:

  • Consult a trainer or behaviorist for help with common behavioral problems.
  • Talk with your veterinarian to rule out possible medical issues your pet may be experiencing.
  • Look for an alternate place to live that accepts pets.
  • Talk with friends or family to determine if they would be able to commit to taking care of your pet.
  • Adopt your pet to a new home yourself. This transition will be much easier for your pet and will allow you to know that he is going to a good new home.

If you have exhausted all other avenues, you can surrender your pet to the Seattle Animal Shelter. We will accept any pet from a city of Seattle resident. If you live outside the city, we will accept your pet on a space available basis.

Can you guarantee that my pet will be placed for adoption?

No, we cannot. While we are typically able to place into homes 90 percent of dogs, cats and critters that come through our doors, some pets will not be placed for adoption. Our staff will evaluate your pet both behaviorally and medically to determine if he is an adoption candidate. Pets that are determined to be a health or safety risk to humans or other pets will not be placed for adoption. Additionally, pets that are unable to be helped by reasonable veterinary care may also not be placed for adoption.

We are not able to notify you of your surrendered pet's status, but you are welcome to call the shelter to find out about his status. We cannot give out information about the pet's new adopters.