Benefits of a Seattle Pet License

  • Lost pets are returned home. If someone finds your pet roaming the neighborhood, we will call you to help ensure your pet makes it home.
  • A Ride Home. Officers make every effort to return licensed animals while in the field preventing your pet from coming to the shelter.  Redemption fees apply.
  • Worry-free Vacations. You can notify the Seattle Animal Shelter when you are on vacation and someone else is caring for your pet. Simply call Seattle Pet Licensing at 206-386-4262.
  • Contact in Case of Emergency. Helps veterinarians contact you should your pet become injured and in need of life-saving medical treatment.

Licensing Your Pet is the Law

Seattle Municipal Code Section 9.25.050 requires that all cats, dogs, miniature goats and potbellied pigs be licensed. Failure to license or renew your pet's license could result in a $125 citation.