Lost Pets

If you suspect your pet is lost, you should act immediately to try and locate him. The Seattle Animal Shelter handles all lost pets within the city limits of Seattle. If you live outside of the city or near the city's borders, contact other shelters in your area.

If you have found a lost pet within the city of Seattle, bring it to the Seattle Animal Shelter. We will attempt to locate the owner and reunite the pet with its family.

Do this first

  • Call the Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-386-7387(PETS). From there you can:
    • Listen to the Lost Pet Hotline to hear a listing of all found pets
  • List your pet in the Lost and Found Database. The shelter's database is updated with pictures of lost and found animals by both the public and volunteers so check it regularly.
  • Go to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Click here for hours and location. Check the shelter every day. All animals are held for three business days before being evaluated for adoption. 
  • Post signs and fliers. See tips at Missing Pet Partnership. Signs should be eye-catching and include a picture. Signs can also be posted at the Seattle Animal Shelter.
  • Post an online Lost and Found listing on other sites. We recommend listing your pet in the Lost and Found sections of as many websites as possible, but especially Craigslist.
  • Search online Lost and Found listings every day. Especially check the listings on the shelter's Lost and Found Database and Craigslist.
  • Search your neighborhood. Talk with neighbors, local veterinarians, delivery drivers and postal carriers. Don't forget about newspaper deliverers that work early in the morning.
  • Place door hangers with your pet's picture on all neighbors' doors. Click here for a printable door hanger.
  • Call other shelters. Your pet could have been taken to a shelter outside the city of Seattle.
  • Call veterinarians close to your location. Sometimes people will drop off stray animals if they are unable to get them to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

If Your Lost Pet is at Seattle Animal Shelter