Found Pets at the Shelter

Below are found animals currently at the Seattle Animal Shelter, off-site at a veterinarian's office, or reported at-large to Animal Control. Please note:

  • Our staff and volunteers make every effort to update this database when animals are brought in. However, there may be some animals currently under the shelter's care that are not yet listed in this database.
  • A Found Report will list the last known location an animal was seen, but does not mean the animal is in the custody of the Seattle Animal Shelter.
  • You must visit the shelter in person to search for your pet; checking this list is not a replacement for visiting the shelter in person. We do not take lost reports via phone or email.
  • All animals are held for three business days before being evaluated for adoption, so you should visit the shelter at least every three days. You should also check our listing of adoptable animals if your pet has been lost for more than three days.
  • Visit our Lost Pets page for more tips and resources.

My pet is at the Seattle Animal Shelter

If you believe your pet is at the shelter, visit us during business hours. Please bring a form of photo ID and proof of ownership, and be prepared to pay applicable redemption fees. While we love caring for the animals here, we would like this to be your pet's first and only visit to us! Review our Lost Pet Prevention tips to keep your pet safely at home.

If you are searching for your lost pet, don't forget to also check out adoption listings. Animals are held for three days before being evaluated for adoption.