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Freight Master Plan
Addressing the unique characteristics, needs, and impacts of freight mobility. The City of Seattle developed a Freight Master Plan (FMP) to ...
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Community Outreach
We have gathered great input from the community, but we want to make sure our list is complete and no ideas were overlooked.     ...
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Reconnect West Seattle
Reconnect West Seattle is a vision for restoring similar levels of travel across the Duwamish to those seen before the closure of the ...
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Transportation Planning
Shaping the Seattle of Tomorrow Our city and neighborhoods are made up of people who care about getting safely and efficiently to the ...
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Meeting Presentations
Meeting Presentations 2023 December  West Marginal Way SW After Study Alaskan Way Safety Project Better Bike Lane Barriers ...
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Board Correspondence
Board Correspondence Recommendations on Draft Seattle Transportation Plan - October 27, 2023  Industrial Lands Legislation Comments - ...
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Meeting Presentations
Presentations from meetings Meeting Presentations 2021 May 18, 2021 Hardened Center Line April 20, 2021 Route 40 ...
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Archived 2016 Meeting Documents
2016 Meeting documents for the Urban Forestry Commission. December 14, 2016 Agenda (December 14, 2016) Trees: Stormwater ...
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Final 50 Feet Program
Improving delivery at the end of the supply chain Overview SDOT entered into a 3-year partnership with the University of Washington and ...
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Meeting Presentations
Meeting Presentations 2024 January 24, 2024 Seattle Transportation Plan 2023 December 20, 2023 Harrison and Mercer ...
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Archived 2014 Meeting Documents
2014 Meeting documents for the Urban Forestry Commission December 10, 2014 Agenda v3 Draft Trees and Sidewalks Operations Plan Draft ...
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Archived 2015 Meeting Documents
2015 Meeting documents for the Urban Forestry Commission December 9, 2015 Agenda No Place for Old Trees Presentation People, Dogs, and ...
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North Downtown Mobility Action Program
Support access to and mobility through North Downtown, which includes Uptown, Belltown, and South Lake Union Updated: 11/14/2023 What Is ...
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SW Seattle Paving: 35th/Avalon Paving
Paving SW Avalon Way and a short segment of 35th Ave SW Updated: August 14, 2020 What’s happening now? We completed all major ...
0.00455955137 | 20240524T09:27:32
University/Cowen Paving Project
As part of our paving program, we'll repave approximately 0.5 miles along University Way NE/Cowen Pl NE and 1.3 miles of 15th Ave NE ...
0.004491632 | 20240524T09:28:43
University/Cowen Paving Project
As part of our paving program, we'll repave approximately 0.5 miles along University Way NE/Cowen Pl NE and 1.3 miles of 15th Ave NE ...
0.004491632 | 20240524T09:28:57
N 34th St Mobility Improvements
N 34th St Mobility Improvements  This project is complete! The work to update the layout of the road along N 34th St from Fremont ...
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Organization We are organized into 10 divisions, plus our Director’s office that houses our centralized communications team. Our Director ...
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Board Correspondences
Messages from the board to community groups and elected officials. Draft Tranportation Levy Proposal 2024 Letter - April 2024 (joint ...
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35th Ave NE
35th Ave NE Paving Project Updated: May 6, 2019 What’s happening now? Construction update As soon as Monday April 27, we will ...
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Georgetown to South Park Connection
Creating a walking and biking connection between Georgetown and South Park February 16, 2024 Creating a walking and biking connection ...
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Georgetown Mobility Study
Evaluating street improvements to increase safety and health, and improve conditions for people walking, biking, and driving. This ...
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West Marginal Way SW Safety Corridor Project
Improvements and changes planned for West Marginal Way SW Updated December 5, 2023 What's Happening Now? Data shows more ...
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Project & Construction Coordination Office
Coordinating projects planned for the right of way. What We Do The Project and Construction Coordination Office (PCCO) is charged with ...
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Seattle Sidewalk Accessibility Guide
Check out our Seattle Sidewalk Accessibility Guide, the go-to page for understanding our sidewalks and how to help make Seattle a safer, ...
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