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Demolition Permit - Building
You need a demolition permit to remove a building. What Is It? You need a demolition permit to remove a commercial, institutional, or ...
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Demolition of Housing
Demolition of housing is the complete removal of the building (or buildings). See also: Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation ,  Demolition ...
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Salvage Building Materials
Salvage Building Materials Shed made from recycled materials Many opportunities exist to reuse building materials that come from both ...
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Search for the forms you need for your permit, license, registration, or complaint. Name   Administrative Design Review ...
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How Do You Get a Permit?
The permit process differs for each permit type, and may also vary depending on the complexity of your project. The permit process differs ...
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How Much Will Your Permit Cost?
The cost of your permit is based on several factors. The cost of your permit is based on several factors: The size and complexity of ...
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City of Seattle Special Events Permit Handbook - Insurance requirements, general liability, liquor liability IN THIS SECTION ...
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Read about some common permit projects or research each of our permit types.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to Historic Preservation questions. The staff of Seattle's Historic Preservation Program is pleased to work closely with ...
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Construction and Demolition Waste Management
Construction & Demolition Before Project Start Plan for Salvage You may need to complete a  Salvage Assessment online . For questions ...
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Residential Deconstruction
Deconstructing a building allows you to take it apart systematically, so you can salvage reusable building materials and recycle materials ...
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Stormwater Code
Our stormwater regulations protect people, property, and the environment from damage caused by stormwater runoff. See also: Grading Code , ...
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Commonly Requested Records
See a list of commonly requested record types. To provide transparency to everyone we serve, the City of Seattle is working to provide ...
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Building Permit Renewals
Building Permit Renewals What Is It? Construction, demolition, mechanical, and grading permits typically expire 18 months after the issue ...
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Priority Green Expedited - Overview
Available for all new construction projects. Offers faster building permit review and processing for projects that meet green building ...
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Construction Without a Permit
You need to get a permit for most construction projects. See also:  Land Use Code What Is It? You need to get a permit for most ...
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Deconstruction Building being deconstructed --> This page provides information about what, why, and how to deconstruct buildings. For ...
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Population & Demographics
Population and demographic information for the City of Seattle. Census 2020 Data In 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2020 ...
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The Push and Pull of Proposed Uses
Many competing uses have been proposed over the years for the Discovery Park property. Letter from Rhododendron Society, 1975 Box ...
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Columbia City Landmark District
Columbia City Landmark District The Columbia City Landmark District is one of Seattle's eight historic districts. It is a collection of ...
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Building Permit Revisions
Building Permit Revisions What Is It? When you make changes to the approved work during construction, you must first get approval from ...
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Forms & Resources
Forms & Resources Information provided to the City of Seattle is considered a public record and may be subject to public disclosure. For ...
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Trees and Construction
Landscape architectural design, design review & construction inspection services for new public and private development projects. The SDOT ...
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Shoreline Exemptions
Shoreline Exemptions What Is It? Many types of projects, such as construction of a new commercial or multi-family residential building ...
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Annual Reports
Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis' annual reports Councilmember Andrew Lewis' 2022 Annual Report Below are some of the projects from my ...
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