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Director's Rule 5-012
This section explains the procedures relating to refunds or credits for overpayment of taxes, penalties, or interest. Download a pdf of ...
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Equitable Development Initiative
Equitable Development Initiative
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Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center
Though the Environmental Learning Center at Carkeek Park is available for rentals, we regret that because of budget reductions, it is no ...
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Archived 2018 Meeting Documents
Archived 2018 Meeting Documents December 12, 2018 Agenda (December 12, 2018) King Conservation District presentation Draft 2018 UFC ...
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Housing, Health, Energy & Workers’ Rights
To provide policy direction and oversight and to deliberate and make recommendations on legislative matters relating to: Seattle City Light, ...
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Magnolia Community Center
This community center is temporarily closed for the stabilization project. Built in 1952, the multi-story center has classic charm and is ...
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2019 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
2019 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council Contents Overview Homelessness & Housing ...
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Online Exhibits
Online exhibits highlighting stories from SMA collections and featuring photos, documents, maps, and more Discovery Park The urban ...
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Indoor Tot Gyms & Tot Rooms
Designed for children 5 and younger, Toddler (Tot) Gyms offer a variety of toys and larger indoor space to play when it's not summer. ...
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Brief History of Seattle
An extremely condensed version of Seattle's city history from founding to present day Seattle lies on a narrow strip of land between the ...
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Engagement in the Community
Community Events
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One Seattle Day of Service: Event Partners
Thank you to everyone joining us on May 21 to take action to improve our city! Coming Together as One Seattle The organizations listed ...
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Archived 2019 Meeting Documents
Archived 2019 Meeting Documents 2019 Meeting Documents December 11, 2019 Agenda (December 11, 2019) Fee-in-lieu research project ...
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Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd Home of True Conversions (submitted by a Good Shepherd P-Patch gardener)  Thwack!! Sproing! Thwack! Sproing! Tennis ...
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2021 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
2021 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council $(function () { $(window).on("scroll", ...
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All Community Centers
A list of all Seattle Community Centers alphabetically A - Z
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Learning & Childcare
Find activities, care, and environmental education for teens, children, and adults.
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Reach Out Seattle
A youth mental health initiative focused on creating a healthier future for Seattle kids.
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Employee Complaint Process
Review the steps involved in OPA complaint processing
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Childcare & Preschool
Seattle Parks and Recreation provides a range of childcare and preschool programs for the social, recreational, and physical development of ...
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33rd Ave W Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge
33rd Ave W Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge
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Art Interruptions 2018
ARTS in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), commissioned seven emerging public artists to create temporary art ...
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Seattle Arts Commission
The 16-member Seattle Arts Commission, citizen volunteers appointed by the mayor and City Council. About Us The 16-member Seattle Arts ...
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Northwest Community Centers
Ballard, Bitter Lake, Green Lake, Loyal Heights, Magnolia, Queen Anne
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Pump Station 22 Retrofit & Force Main Replacement Project
Sewer system improvements in Magnolia SPU pump station and public shoreline viewing area with bench and decorative fencing at the ...
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