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Discovery Park
Discovery Park is a 534 acre natural area park operated by the Seattle Parks and Recreation. It is the largest city park in Seattle, and ...
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Discovery Park History
Fort Lawton originally occupied much of the northwestern part of Magnolia Bluff. The bluff was named by Lt. George Davidson during a U.S. ...
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Discovery Park Environmental Learning & Visitor Center
Discovery Park is a 534 acre natural area park operated by the Seattle Parks and Recreation. It is the largest city park in Seattle, and ...
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Discovery Park Advisory Council
The Discovery Park Advisory Council works with Seattle Parks and Recreation to offer community perspective, advice and consultation on ...
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Discovery Park
The urban oasis of Discovery Park has had many competing demands for use over its history. A Master Plan created in 1972 specified that ...
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Discovery Park Bibliography
Bibliography of archival sources about Discovery Park. Textual Records Department of Parks and Recreation Planning, Construction and ...
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Discovery Park Timeline
Important dates and events in the founding and development of Discovery Park. March 23, 1964 Seattle City Council passed ...
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Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center ADA Improvements
Seattle Parks and Recreation is proposing to make ADA improvements at the Environmental Learning Center. This project corrects approximately ...
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Discovery Park Camps
Join us for Discovry Park summer nature daycamps!
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Discovery Park Nature Kids
A Nature Based Preschool Program for Kids 3-5 years
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Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center Rental
The 534 acre regional park sits conveniently in-between downtown and Ballard and offers a place of peace and tranquility for all to enjoy. ...
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The Push and Pull of Proposed Uses
Many competing uses have been proposed over the years for the Discovery Park property. Letter from Rhododendron Society, 1975 Box ...
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Planning and Growth
Discovery Park started with the acquisition of Fort Lawton, with growth and development over time. The 1972 Master Plan described the ...
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Education and Interpretation
Discovery Park has hosted a wide range of programming for children and adults throughout its history. Early in the development of the ...
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Discovery Park Nature Kids
A Nature Based Preschool Program for Kids 3-5 years
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Parking and Beach Shuttles
Parking and Beach Shuttles The Discovery Park Visitor Center is open again! Parking Free beach Parking Passes are available at the ...
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Fort Lawton Redevelopment
In 2019, Seattle City Council agreed to redevelop Fort Lawton, a former military site that became part of Discovery Park in 1972. The City’s ...
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Environmental Education & Outdoor Learning
Welcome to Seattle Parks and Recreation's Environmental Education Programs page. Our staff and volunteers offer outdoor nature learning ...
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Seattle Film Manual
Complete filming guidelines are detailed in the Seattle Film Manual. One Call to the Seattle Film Office Will Put You in Business ...
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Environmental Education Volunteering
Do you love nature and have a passion for our environment? Are you looking to enhance the public's understanding of our urban flora and ...
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Arts in Parks Program
Arts in Parks, a partnership between the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Parks and Recreation, supports new and established ...
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Tennis Court Reservations and Costs
The Amy Yee Tennis Center schedules reservations and court rentals for the Center and the 100+ outdoor tennis courts in the Seattle Park ...
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Researching City of Seattle Parks and Playfields at the Seattle ...
Records related to City parks illustrate many topics in the City's history, including neighborhood development, attitudes towards use of ...
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Don Sherwood Park History Sheets
Drawings and historical facts about Seattle parks, collected by longtime Parks Department employee Don Sherwood. These history sheets are ...
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Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park
Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park is one block east of Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood. This park was named the city's first ...
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