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Purchasing and Contracting staff is here to answer your questions about everything from marketing a product or service to the City or getting a City contract. Staff will try to assist with advocacy on various business issues or contracting disputes. If you need help, see the topics and issues listed below and click on the appropriate one to get the name and contact information for the person(s) who can help. And if you're not sure where to call, use the info below to start with our front desk.

Purchasing and Contracting contacts

Carol Wong

Consultant Contracting Policies
Steven Larson

Julie Salinas

Construction Payments
Evanne Vaivadas
(206) 684-8397

Mark Nakagawara, Construction Contracts Manager
(206) 684-4542

Presley Palmer, Division Director
(206) 233-7158

Krista Diaz, Interim Deputy Division Director, Purchasing Manager
(206) 684-0456


Note: each buyer specializes in specific types of commodities.

Lisa Tran
Seattle City Light procurements (electrical supplies, cable, connectors, wire, network protectors, transformer, utility grade line tools, electric and other utilities products and services, transformers, circuit breakers, turbine runners, switchgear)
(206) 684-4515

David McLean
Building services (including pest management, plumbing, welding), emergency, janitorial services and supplies, office copier office equipment, parking management, public safety (Seattle Police and Seattle Fire Department), marine vehicles/boats
(206) 684-0445  

Jack Nolan
Building services (including debris hauling, painting), disposal, hazardous material disposal, recycling services, roadway (supplies, materials, maintenance), Seattle Public Utilities, security equipment and services
(206) 684-0452

Julie Salinas
Animal supplies and services, building materials, MRO supplies, paint, plumbing supplies, survey and mapping, compost bags, playground equipment, HVAC parts and supplies, translation and interpretation
(206) 684-0383

Abraham Cota
Audio/video, communications, financial services, information technology, IT cloud services, IT hardware, IT services, towing, traffic control, traffic counts, traffic data
(206) 684-0480

Jen Lyman
Chemicals, furniture, lab services, measure/test, office postal equipment, office services, office supplies, safety supplies
(206) 256-5307

Rick Davison
Printing services, copy services, vehicles, automotive parts and services
(206) 684-8310

Sal Munoz
Chemicals, landscaping services and supplies, measure/test, lab services
(206) 684-0685

Marta Tarabella-Marchesi
Information technology, IT software, IT services
(206) 733-9583

Joy Jacobson, ADA Capital Projects Supervisor

Miguel Beltran, City Contract Compliance Manager

Carmen Kucinski, Social Equity Strategic Advisor

Miguel Beltran, City Contract Compliance Manager
(206) 684-4525

City Department WMBE Advisors
Contacts that may be helpful if you wish to learn of opportunities within specific departments.

Customers can use the Public Records Request Center (PRRC), an online public portal, to submit and track public disclosure requests, review FAQs, submit requests, make payments, download records, monitor the status of their previously submitted request(s), and communicate with public disclosure officer(s). It also identifies commonly requested records, and, for those that are already available on, directs customers to them.

Ellis Jones, Public Disclosure Contact
(206) 684-5438

Presley Palmer 
Division Director, Purchasing and Contracting

Finance and Administrative Services

Kiersten Grove, Acting Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 5200, Seattle, WA , 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94689, Seattle, WA, 98124-4689
Phone: (206) 684-2489