Equal Benefits

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting equity in contracting through its many social equity programs. The Equal Benefits Program was established to ensure that businesses contracting with the City provide benefits equally to the spouses and domestic partners of their employees. Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 20.45 prohibits the City from entering into a contract for construction, consultant services or the purchase of goods and services worth $58,000 or more unless the company makes benefits available equally.

The goal of the Equal Benefits Program is equal pay for equal work. Whenever possible, employees of City contractors must be paid the same total compensation (i.e., have the same access to benefits), regardless of whether the employee's household is organized around his/her/their marriage or domestic partnership.

We're Here to Help

The City recognizes that this is an emerging area of workplace equity and is committed to assisting City contractors in complying with this law. If you have questions regarding the Equal Benefits Program, please contact Miguel Beltran, City contract compliance manager, (206) 684-4525.