Several committees support the City's efforts to promote access to construction careers for women, people of color and others with social and economic disadvantages.

Public Works Joint Administrative Committee

The Public Works Joint Administrative Committee (JAC) discusses issues, impacts and solutions related to the signed community workforce agreement. Specifically, the committee is tasked with addressing safety, targeted hiring, apprenticeship utilization, preferred entry, job progress and other relevant issues that will affect the project. Parties that are not signatory to the agreement are not on the committee but invited to be in the audience.       

Public Works JAC documents

Meeting minutes

Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaborative

FAS initiated an effort with public agencies to bring pre-apprenticeship programs, apprenticeship training coordinators, union representatives and local community-based organizations together in the Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaborative. The collaborative builds the quality, capacity, strength and sustainability of pre-apprenticeship training for individuals to access and succeed in construction apprenticeship.