Doing Business with the City

Interested in doing business with the City? Register for both the Consultant Roster and the Online Business Directory using a single registration system. See also our Doing Business with the City booklet.

Coming soon! The City of Seattle is adopting a new procurement solicitation system, OpenGov. The City will begin using OpenGov for new procurement solicitations on Aug. 12, 2024. This includes developing and posting solicitations, engaging suppliers, and evaluating responses. Visit the FAQ to learn more.

Online Business Directory

The City or contractors seeking partners/teams use the City's Online Business Directory (OBD) when seeking companies for work. When registering in the OBD, you can indicate your business expertise and status as a women- or minority-owned business (if applicable) and register for the City's Consultant Roster. 

Consultant Roster

City departments may also use the City's Consultant Roster to select a consultant for a project. City departments may use the roster to select companies for projects valued at $395,000 or less. Depending on the project, the department may use any consultant or may use a solicitation process to select the most qualified. 

You can check to see if you qualify as a Small Business as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA), by the State of Washington or by King County before applying for the consultant roster.

Introducing your company to the City

For products and routine services, call Purchasing and Contracting (PC) at (206) 684-0444. Ask for the buyer who specializes in your product. He or she can tell you about current contracts for your product and how much is spent, provide a copy of the contract, let you know when we may re-solicit and refer you to City staff that might be interested in your product or service. Sign up to receive information through the City blog at  

For construction and consultant contracts, City capital departments have projections and background on upcoming projects posted on their websites. You may contact PC at (206) 684-0444 to be referred to City department staff for those upcoming bid opportunities.

Doing Business with the City Online Sessions

At these "101" sessions, we provide information to vendors, consultants and contractors on how to do business with the City including tips on bidding, explanations of procedures and forms and an opportunity to meet the buyer and program administrator for your commodity or specialty. To find dates, times and how to join, please check The Buy Line blog

Purchasing and Contracting staff also hold in-person drop-in office hours at our Tabor 100 satellite location in Tukwila! Visit The Buy Line blog for dates and times. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a simple process where you provide us basic information about your company. If you are a consultant, you can also upload your resume or marketing brochure. When City departments are looking for companies to supply goods or services, they may use this directory to develop bid and contact lists.

Online Business Directory: Your business name, business address, contact information and details about your business. You will be asked whether your business is women or minority owned, and if you are also state certified.

Consultant Roster: You will need to select particular areas of expertise from a list. You (or a member of your firm) must confirm that your business has the required education, experience and any applicable licensing to perform the work you seek. You will be invited to upload your statement of qualifications/resume.

Winning bidders with a physical nexus in city limits must hold or obtain a Seattle business license and a state of Washington business license (when applicable).  

For construction, you must be registered and licensed with the state of Washington as a contractor.

Registering your business does not pre-approve or authorize you to do business with the City. Departments may contact registered businesses when they are looking to purchase goods and services. You can also look for upcoming opportunities to bid on proposals at The Buy Line and The Consultant Connection. Construction opportunities can be found at eBid.

Click Consultant Roster Categories to view among 80 plus service categories to select from when registering. You can select multiple service categories when creating a business profile during the registration process.

No. If you have trouble or need help, call our office at 206-684-0444.

The City of Seattle's bid limits and thresholds can be found here.