I-5 Lid Feasibility Study

What's Happening Now?

We are launching a study to explore the feasibility of building a new lid, or lids, across Interstate 5 in the core of Seattle's downtown, expanding from the existing lids of Freeway Park and the Washington State Convention Center. The study will investigate structural, urban design and financial solutions that would bridge the highway, support new uses, and reconnect neighborhoods that have been divided for over 50 years.

The study is being funded as part of the "community benefit agreement" related to the Washington State Convention Center's expansion. These funds were secured thanks to the hard work and passion of community members who have been exploring and advancing the Lid I-5 proposal. While this advocacy effort is separate from the feasibility study, the group's work will help inform the analysis and two of their members will be included on the study's Steering Committee along with other stakeholder group representatives. For more information on the Lid I-5 group and their work, visit their website.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) for consultant services will be released in December 2018. The study is expected to take approximately 12 months and will be guided by community input, an inter-agency technical team, and the City-appointed Feasibility Study Steering Committee.

Watch our Director, Sam Assefa comment on Seattle's growth and the lid concept in this video produced by the Lid I-5 campaign.

Project Documents

I-5 Lid Feasibility Study Technical Team

The responsibility of the I-5 Lid Technical Team is to provide advice and subject matter expertise to the I-5 feasibility study.

Core Team Members:
David Driskell, OPCD
Lyle Bicknell, OPCD
Susan Mclaughlin, Seattle Dept. of Transportation
Rob Fellows, WA State Dept. of Transportation
Danielle Friedman, Dept. of Neighborhoods
David Graves, Seattle Parks Dept.
Rebecca Barnes, Independent Expert