Incentive Zoning Update

Project Outcomes

The City started a comprehensive, city-wide update of the incentive zoning requirements in late 2013. However, this effort was then integrated into the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA). Information on process and products for HALA will be available on their web page.

Incentive zoning is a set of requirements that property owners in certain zones must meet to achieve the full potential of their building site. Property owners are required to provide public benefits, such as affordable housing, historic preservation, and open space, in exchange for larger buildings.

Click here for 2018 updates to the Incentive Zoning Update.

Key Milestones

  • June 2014
    A working group on TDR and On-site Amenity incentives met
  • July 2014
    An Advisory Committee on Affordable Housing Initiatives met 
  • June 2015
    A Background Report and SEPA Decision was published
  • November 2015
    This project was integrated into HALA

Project Purpose

Our update was intended to create consistent, city-wide incentive zoning rules that encourages developers to use the program and to provide substantial public benefits as well as considering new approaches to mitigating the needs created by growth.

  • More public benefits, such as affordable housing or open space, throughout Seattle
  • Increased number of developers that use the incentive zoning program and provide public benefits
  • More consistent regulations that are easier to understand


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