Making the work of the OPA transparent promotes the confidence of both the public and the employees of the department. OPA publishes a report quarterly summarizing the complaints closed and includes updated statistical information for the year to date. In addition, OPA publishes annual statistical and policy/training recommendation reports, and provides information on selected cases and issues of community concern.

This page provides access to all of these OPA reports, along with all of the OPA Auditor publications and electronic versions of OPA outreach brochures. The Seattle Police Department website also has an Information & Data page which houses public datasets, as well as the SPD Policy Manual.

Reports and Publications

Closed Case Summaries provide information on misconduct complaints that are investigated by OPA. A Closed Case Summary is created for every case and is posted after the case has been completed.



The following reports were written prior to 2007 by the previous OPA Civilian Director Sam Pailca