Sound Transit light rail expansion in Seattle

Creating Connected Communities

Sound Transit is building 14 new light rail stations with service to West Seattle in 2030 and Ballard in 2035. The new light rail lines and transit tunnel under Downtown, South Lake Union and Seattle Center/Uptown is the largest transit investment in our city's history.

Planning around stations

After Sound Transit identifies the final station locations, the City of Seattle will work with communities to:

  • Plan walking, biking, and bus improvements to help you get to stations.
  • Identify opportunities for housing, shopping, and open spaces to create affordable, livable neighborhoods around new stations.
  • Establish priorities to inform project permitting.
  • Pay special attention to reduce or avoid impacts to communities of color whose neighborhoods often bear the burden of large infrastructure projects.


Two people standing, one person in a wheelchair, one person standing with a cane.

Additional Funding May be needed

Building light rail transit lines in dense urban neighborhoods is complex. The City is interested in helping Sound Transit build a light rail system that works for generations to come. There are big decisions to be made on station locations and alignments. Sound Transit and the City will work with the community to consider trade-offs and explore alternatives for an enhanced system.