Fleet coordinators in various departments are important liaisons between their vehicle and equipment operators and the FAS Fleet Management division. General questions regarding the City's fleet should be directed to Finance and Administrative Services – Fleet Management, while questions regarding a specific department's fleet should be directed to that department.


Arts Commission

Lovell Davis

(206) 684-0430

City Light

Jeffrey Butera

(206) 386-1713

Community Safety and Communications Center

Tommy Rowland

(206) 256-6429

Office for Civil Rights

Maria Rodriquez

(206) 684-0548

Seattle Information Technology Department

Kelly Walker

(206) 233-2787

Finance and Administrative Services - Animal Shelter

Donald Baxter

(206) 386-4292

Finance and Administrative Services - Consumer Protection       

John Megow

(206) 386-1266

Finance and Administrative Services - Facilities

Jeff Brock

(206) 684-0827

Finance and Administrative Services - e-Go Motor Pool

Jean Calkins

(206) 233-2561

Fire Department

Leonard Cheever

(206) 233-5041

Human Services Department

Diva Springmeyer

(206) 684-0923


Jason Hayes

(206) 660-4325

Mayor's Office

Rodney Stokes

(206) 684-8120

Municipal Court

John Kerr

(206) 684-8274


Jeanne Murphy

(206) 684-0176

Office of Housing

Denise Laird

(206) 684-0257

Parks and Recreation

Jeff Hodges

(206) 233-2776

Seattle Police Department

Marcus Mendoza

(206) 684-8772

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections

Matt Ayer

(206) 472-2615

Seattle Department of Transportation

Ric Sahagun

(206) 684-8220

Seattle Center

Dave Roberts

(206) 684-7012

Seattle Public Utilities

Mauricio Mondragon

(206) 386-1843

As authorized in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC 3.126.010), the Fleet Management division (FM) centrally manages the City fleet to provide quality, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable vehicles and equipment to all City departments. FMD also provides vehicle and equipment acquisition, disposal and motor pool services, as well as replacement and green fleet planning to improve and maintain the quality of the City's fleet.

Once the City no longer needs specific vehicles and other fleet equipment, the surplus vehicles are sold at auction.

FM utilizes City and state vendor contracts to purchase and manage fleet assets, vehicle parts, fuel and other fleet-related products and services. Visit the Purchasing and Contracting website to learn how you can do business with FM.

Business opportunities

If you're interested in doing fleet-related business with us, consider adding your business to the City's Online Business Directory (OBD).

Filing a claim

If you believe the City of Seattle is responsible for a loss, injury or damages incurred in an incident or accident, you can file a claim for damages against the City. Please visit the City's Filing a Damage Claim site for more information.

Finance and Administrative Services

Kiersten Grove, Acting Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 5200, Seattle, WA , 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94689, Seattle, WA, 98124-4689
Phone: (206) 684-2489