Programs & Policies

The Office of Sustainability and Environment coordinates efforts among 8 City departments, the Urban Forestry Commission, community organizations and individuals to ensure the City is taking the right actions to achieve our goal of increasing and caring for trees in Seattle.

Programs & Policies

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation has many programs designed to protect the environment, including sustainable building practices, education and outreach, and pesticide reduction.
Department of Transportation page helps you select an appropriate tree and location in your right of way and follow the necessary processes for permitting and maintenance.
Single- and multi-family dwellings account for the largest portion of the city's land mass (67 percent) and therefore the biggest opportunity for planting new trees. This means many Seattle residents and building owners can make a huge difference in helping us reach Seattle's tree canopy goals. The City, through Seattle Public Utilities, offers an annual tree giveaway and training program.
Pesticides (weed and bug killers) can damage soil and plant health, poison wildlife like birds, bees and salmon, and harm our families' health. The City of Seattle works to reduce pesticide use in its land management practices and has programs to help residents learn the same natural gardening skills at home.

Codes & Regulations

Summary and links to information on regulations for street trees and trees on private property.

Strategic Plans

A long term vision for increasing tree canopy cover in Seattle.