2023 Washington State Legislative Session

2023 State Legislative Advocacy

On 1/18/2023, the CPC voted to support the 4 paragraphs of RES 32076 the City of Seattle’s 2023 State Legislative Agenda that are directly related to policing. They also voted to support a 2023 CPC Legislative Statement of Values to guide the work of CPC staff in reviewing most policing-related bills.

2023 CPC Legislative Statement of Values

2023 Seattle City Council Legislative Priorities

  • Enhanced authority for police chiefs to discipline officers, including the ability to lay off officers on the Brady List
  • Ending qualified immunity for law enforcement. See prefiled bill HB 1025, sponsored by Rep. Thai
  • Prohibit collective bargaining on topics related to discipline, appeals, subpoena authority, and
    state reforms about law enforcement
  • Require police reforms that free local jurisdictions from having to negotiate and pay for
    accountability reforms, including body worn cameras
  • Reform of civil service hearings and arbitration in law enforcement officer discipline cases
    Remove private arbitration as a route of appeal in law enforcement discipline cases
  • Support for independent prosecutions of deadly use of force by law enforcement
  • Extend employment in law enforcement, fire, and other public agencies to legal permanent
    residents and those with DACA status
  • Expansion of law enforcement training for de-escalation and implicit bias
  • Increased flexibility for civilian personnel to respond to 911 calls (referencing the CAHOOTS
  • Reduce or eliminate city and county law enforcement involvement in immigration law
  • Restrict local jurisdictions from honoring ICE detainers without a federal criminal warrants