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Building and Construction

36 Services

Apply for A Safe Routes to School Mini Grant

Grants of up to $1,000 for walking and biking encouragement programs.

Apply for a Street Use Permit

Street Use offers more than 60 types of permits for use, occupation and/or construction in the public right of way.

Apply for Funding for Tenant Services

SDCI funding opportunities for organizations providing services to tenants.

Apply for Tenant Relocation Assistance

Landlords must offer tenants relocation assistance if tenants must move due to redevelopment or certain code [...]

Apply for the Rental Housing Program

Funds for the development of affordable rental housing in Seattle.

Ask a Building Permit Question

This question and answer service is for general questions about building permits.

Ask a Land Use Question

Ask about Land Use, including site-specific questions.

Change Water Service (for Developers)

Utility information for developers changing services.

Check Fire Permit Application Status

Check the status of a Fire Permit issued by the City of Seattle.

Correct a Notice of Violation

What to do if you receive a warning, citation, Notice of Violation, Emergency Order, or other enforcement document.

Find Building Code and Rules

Get answers to common code questions.

Find City Light Construction Projects

Seattle City Light at work in your neighborhood.

Find Construction Activity in your Neighborhood

Find permit and complaint status, zoning, or activity in your neighborhood.

Find Property Complaint Status

Find permit and complaint status, zoning, or activity in your neighborhood.

Find Utility Projects in City Streets

The UPC coordinates construction in city streets to minimize impacts.

Find Utility Services (for Businesses)

Seattle Public Utilities has a suite of services for businesses.

Find Your Zoning (map)

Find zoning, construction and land use permits, complaints, and registered residential rental properties.

Get Building Permits

Including construction, demolition, land use, mechanical, electrical, sewer, boiler, and elevator/escalator.

Get Free Weatherization Services

For Seattle homeowners and rental property owners, if they meet income qualifications.

Get New Water Services

Development Services Office helps developers and homeowners to obtain new water services.

Get Utility Hookups for New Construction

New connection to Seattle’s water supply system or upgrades to existing water service.

Log In to the Seattle SDCI Project Portal

Conduct permitting business online with Seattle SDCI.

Look up Permit Counter Wait Times

See the estimated wait times for in-person visits.

Make a Property or Building Complaint

Identify potential violations of housing, land use, construction, and other codes.

Pay Building & Land Use Fees

Pay building and land use permit fees online.

Register a Rental Property

Improving and preserving safe and healthy housing for all Seattle renters.

Renew your Trade License

Renew steam, boiler, refrigeration and gas piping licenses online.

Request a Fire Plan Review

Request review of architectural plans and shop drawings for fire protection systems.

Resolve a Permit Disagreement

Resolve a dispute about our permit process and about policy or technical code issues.

Schedule a Building Inspection

Inspections for all permits to confirm various steps in the construction and installation process.

Schedule a Fire Code Inspection

Schedule a Fire Code inspection for new construction and building remodels.

Schedule Fire Protection System Testing

Guidelines for testing and repairing fire and life safety systems, and notification to SFD for out-of-service systems.

Search Permit & Property Records

Construction and Land Use permits and projects.

Search the Land Use Code

The Land Use Code is developed by Seattle DCI planners to regulate the use of land in Seattle.

Search the Seattle Fire Code

The Seattle Fire Code is enforced by the Seattle Fire Department.


SDCI GIS includes map data for buildings, parcels, environmental critical areas, zoning, trees and more.