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1st Ave and Broad St Complete Street Extension Project
Install new one-way protected bike lanes on 1st Ave and Broad St. March 30, 2022 What's happening now? The 1st Ave and Broad St ...
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Current and Past RPZ Changes
Learn about the current and past changes made to RPZ areas.
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About Seattle Public Utilities
Seattle Public Utilities provides great and affordable water, sewer, drainage, and waste collection services while protecting public health ...
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Additional History Resources
Referrals to other local repositories and resources that may be able to answer questions that are outside the scope of SMA's collections. ...
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City Property Finder and Resources
City Property Finder and Resources City real property finder The City of Seattle owns properties used for various municipal purposes, ...
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Where Our Laws Apply
Where Our Laws Apply OLS has jurisdiction within Seattle city limits. If your situation does not qualify for investigation by us, we will ...
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Meeting Presentations
Meeting Presentations 2022 August 2022 Georgetown to Downton PBL July 2022 Aurora Corridor Planning Study Better ...
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Century 21 World's Fair
Links to primary sources and lists of resources about the 1962 Century 21 World's Fair, a defining moment in Seattle's history. The ...
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Guide to SMA Resources for Council District 4
Historical materials in the archives related to Council District 4 in northeast Seattle Listed here is a small selection of records in ...
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Resources for Property History Research
A guide to many different avenues to research the history of a particular building or piece of property. There are many different avenues ...
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Cheasty Mountain Bike/Pedestrian Trail Pilot Project
The Cheasty Mountain Bike and Pedestrian Trail Pilot Project will provide recreational opportunities for families and neighbors to access ...
0.0106810294 | 20221126T20:04:53
Georgetown to South Park Connection
Creating a walking and biking connection between Georgetown and South Park Updated: January 3, 2022 Creating a walking and biking ...
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Survey Data
Survey Data You can find survey data in the Engineering Records Center and Survey Office on the 47th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower. ...
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Salmon Bay Sawmills
After the Great Fire of 1889 many shingle and lumber mills relocated from Elliott Bay to Salmon Bay. Ballard earned the nickname ...
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Bike Data
Over 158,000 Seattleites ride bikes Over 158,000 Seattleites ride bikes! In late September 2013 , SDOT conducted its third Bicycle ...
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Central Area North-South
Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, and neighbors What's happening now? Last Update: ...
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Free Floating Car Share Conditions of Use
Free Floating Car Share Conditions of Use Preamble  A robust car share program provides the opportunity to reduce parking demand, ...
0.0106810294 | 20221126T20:04:14
Rainier Improvements
Crossing S Henderson S and Rainier Ave S Updated: April 1, 2022 Improving safety and bus reliability on Rainier What’s happening ...
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SW Seattle Paving: 35th/Avalon Paving
Paving SW Avalon Way and a short segment of 35th Ave SW Updated: August 14, 2020 What’s happening now? We completed all major ...
0.0106810294 | 20221126T20:03:48
Roosevelt Updated September 16, 2021 Newly eligible residents can apply for Zone 19 permits  Residents who live within the area ...
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Uptown parking project Updated December 16, 2021 The Climate Pledge Arena is open! To see a list of Events/Dates that will trigger ...
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Community Access and Parking Program – Columbia City
Learn about the Community Access and Parking Program for Columbia City Final Update (Sept 2018): In late 2017, SDOT made parking ...
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City of Seattle Departments and Agencies
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View and Report Outages
When the occasional outage occurs, we want to help you be prepared, stay informed, and stay safe at home or work while our crews are working ...
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Research Tips and Tools
Guides to various types of research, as well as other helpful resources See our Searching for Records in the Seattle Municipal ...
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