Deactivation Appeals Panel

The below materials are provided to help facilitate parties' use of the Deactivation Appeals Panel process and compliance with the TNC Driver Deactivation Rights Ordinance. OLS will post materials and provide more information as it is available.

Explanatory Materials

• Overview of Deactivation Appeals Panel Process

•  Contact Information for Deactivation Appeals Panel Filings

For Use by Drivers

Driver Form A - Notice of Intent to Challenge (Model)

Driver Form B - Notice of Intent to Arbitrate (Model)

• Driver Form C - Voluntary Withdrawal (Model) - Coming Soon!

For Use by Transportation Network Companies

TNC Template A - 14 Day Notice of Deactivation (Required)

TNC Template B - Notice of Deactivation (Required)

• Translated Templates: 14 Day Notice of Deactivation and Notice of Deactivation Translation Charts
   This document contains translated notice language in 15 languages other than English.

TNC Template - Answer to Notice of Intent to Challenge (Model)

TNC Template - Answer to Notice of Intent to Arbitrate (Model)

For Use by Both Drivers and Transportation Network Companies

Template - Selection of Partisan Arbitrator (Model)

• Template - Written Settlement Agreement (Model) - Coming Soon!

Help for Drivers

If you are a TNC driver and are looking for information about your rights or if you have been deactivated and are looking for help about your options/next steps, the Driver Resolution Center may be able to assist. The City of Seattle has contracted with the Driver's Union Collaborative to provide support and services to drivers, including free consultation and representation in deactivation disputes and outreach and education about Seattle labor standards.

Driver Resolution Center c/o Driver's Union Collaborative              
Phone: (206) 812-0829