Hotel Employee Protections

Ordinance: SMC 14.26 Ordinance: SMC 14.27

Ordinance: SMC 14.28 Ordinance: SMC 14.29

The Hotel Employee Protections Ordinances go into effect on July 1, 2020 for most covered businesses.

The Office of Labor Standards will soon issue proposed rules to help clarify the rights and responsibilities of these laws. To ensure you receive notification about the opportunity to comment on these proposed rules, please sign up for our newsletter.  

The Hotel Employees Safety Protections Ordinance SMC 14.26 
Requires employers to take certain steps to prevent and report violent and harassing conduct by guests and to support employees who report this kind of conduct.

The Protecting Hotel Employees from Injury Ordinance SMC 14.27 
Limits the workload of hourly employees who clean hotel rooms to reduce the frequency and occurrence of injuries associated with room cleaning.

The Improving Access to Medical Care for Hotel Employees Ordinance SMC 14.28 
Requires employers to provide hourly, non-supervisory employees working in large hotels with increased access to medical care.

The Hotel Employees Job Retention Ordinance SMC 14.29 
Requires employers to take certain actions for hourly, non-supervisory employees to reduce job insecurity in the hospitality industry.