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FMOInspectionFire Prevention Permit Fees increasing January 1, 2017

Fire prevention fees for permits are increasing in 2017. The fee increases are intended to more closely align fee levels with current service costs, and include an additional 7% increase to partially offset the cost of replacing aging technology systems in the Fire Marshal’s Office over the next five to six years.

Review a Summary of the Permit Fee Changes including special hazards/storage, marine terminals, annual place of assembly permits, and special events permits.

Preview Fire Performer permit changes.

Fire Performance Art

Notice to Customers: Effective January 1, 2017, additional fire and life safety conditions will be required of Fire Performance Art permits holders (permit codes 1102 and/or 2511). Fire performances will no longer be allowed in buildings that do not have approved automatic fire suppression systems (automatic fire sprinkler systems).

For more information, please see:

Fire Performance Information Page

Fire Performance Approved Venues

Fire Performance Event Notification Form

Questions? Speak with a special events officer at (206) 386-1450, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The Special Events Section of the Seattle Fire Marshal's Office issues temporary permits and establishes conditions to ensure public safety at large public gatherings including fairs, concerts, sporting events, and festivals. They also inspect and issue permits related to outdoor cooking, trade shows and other high profile events. Public Assembly Fire Safety - The Seattle Fire Department offers the following Training Guide and Handouts for public assembly fire safety as well as nightclub fire safety information.

Special Event Information available for viewing or download. 

  1. Special Events - Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
  2. General Requirements for Temporary Places of Assembly.pdf
  3. Tent & Air-Supported Structure Permit Procedure Information Sheet
  4. Flame Proofing and Combustible Storage.pdf
  5. Flame Retardant Sources.pdf
  6. Food Truck Cylinder Inspections - Federal Requirements (PDF)

Special Event Temporary Permit Applications  (in PDF format)

  1. Temporary Assembly Occupancy
  2. Open Flame/Flame Effects (non-LPG) (Single Event)
  3. Open Flame/Flame Effects (non-LPG) (Valid for 12 Months)
  4. LPG (Propane) for Food Vending
  5. LPG (Propane) Including Flame Effects & Open Flame Cooking (Single Event)
  6. LPG (Propane) (Multiple Events, maximum 12 months)
  7. Fireworks/Special Effects Use & Display
          Utilizing products approved for discharge before a proximate audience
          Barge Load/Unload Only
  8. Flammable Liquids
  9. Tent or Air-Supported Structures
  10. Special Hazards


Last Modified:   April 20, 2017

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