Legislation, Rules, Records & Resources

The Office of the City Clerk keeps the records of the City Council and makes them available to the public. We also receive and maintain many different types of documents that must, by law or as a result of legislation, be filed with us. The databases available on these pages contain full text or scanned copies of many of these documents, and descriptions of others along with information about how to get copies.


In-Process Legislation and Agendas - February 2015 - Present
Legislation that is still being processed can be found here, as can agendas from February 2015 to the present.

Council Bills/ Ordinances - 1869-present
Ordinances are City legislation which have the force of law. They are called Council Bills before they are enacted, and become Ordinances if passed by the City Council and approved. The Council Bills and Ordinances index contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January 1996.

City Council Resolutions - 1890-present
Resolutions are City legislation of an advisory nature, which state policy, or which take certain actions without the force of law. The Resolution index contains the full text of all legislation introduced since January 1996.

Comptroller/ Clerk Files - 1895-present
Clerk and Comptroller Files are official filings of the City which include such items as land use case files before the City Council, appointment files, election campaign reporting files, agency rules, and reports. Selected recent documents contain full text in electronic form.

Combined Legislative Records Search
Combined search across legislation and related records. Includes indexes to Ordinances, Resolutions, Comptroller/Clerk Files, and Published City Documents.

Recent LegislationSummary lists of City of Seattle Ordinances

Legislative Process Documents

Introduction and Referral Calendar

At each week's Full Council meeting, the City Council adopts the Introduction and Referral Calendar, which lists proposed Council Bills (C.B.), Resolutions (Res.), and Clerk Files (C.F.) to be introduced and referred to a committee. To see current and recent Introduction and Referral Calendars, choose the "Introduction and Referral Calendar" document type on the search page of our Legislative Information Center.

City Council Agendas - 2002-present
Agendas of full City Council Meeting and Council Committees are searchable in full text.

City Council Minutes - 2002-present
Minutes of the full City Council meetings are searchable in full text. Minutes of Council Committee meetings are not included.

Budget Documents
City Council Budget Committee records are added to this search page as they become available throughout the budget process.

City Council Committee History
This database contains descriptions, membership information, and dates of existence for Seattle City Council committees from 1946 to the present.

Councill Rules and Procedures

The City Council has adopted and periodically amends "General Rules and Procedures"  that governs how it conducts its meetings and "Procedures Governing Quasi-Judicial Matters." 

Citizen Initiative and Referenda Guides

The Seattle Municipal Code & City Charter

Seattle Municipal Code

The Seattle Municipal Code is a classified compilation of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Seattle. More on the SMC.

Seattle City Charter
The City Charter embodies the fundamental principles of the City, defines the City's powers and duties, and guarantees certain rights to the people.