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History Day Resources for Students and Teachers
at the Seattle Municipal Archives

The Seattle Municipal Archives is one of many Pacific Northwest repositories that preserve primary sources that may be used to research History Day projects. This guide points to some of the Archives' resources available for History Day researchers and suggests a few topics for which the Archives holds rich resources.

Records in the Seattle Municipal Archives illuminate the history and activities of Seattle City government and its elected officials, as well as citizens' communications with their government. From 1869 to the present, the City's interaction with its citizens are outlined in petitions, initiatives, meetings, and letters. The dialogue among City employees regarding their jobs and responsibilities is reflected in the historical record as well, through reports, memoranda, maps and photographs. From the rights of citizens to introduce or amend new laws to the responsibility of elected officials to act ethically, records in the Seattle Municipal Archives illuminate the ongoing effort to make Seattle a better place to live and work.

History Day is an exciting way to study history and to learn just what it is that historians do and how they do it. Visit the National History Day website for additional information about the program and helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

The following links suggest some ideas for research and provide a primer on how to use the resources of the Seattle Municipal Archives. Also see our Archives 101 section for more information about primary sources, finding aids, and archives.