Building Energy Consumption Data

City Light provides energy consumption data for non-residential and multifamily buildings. Data for your building can be set up for automated transfer to the EPA ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager to support customer compliance with state and local energy benchmarking requirements. Consumption reports are also available on a limited basis to support energy conservation efforts.

Washington State requires public, non-residential and multifamily buildings to meet minimum state energy code. Track your building's energy consumption by requesting whole building energy usage data from City Light. This information can be used for your compliance with state law, Seattle's Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, and managing energy consumption.

Learn more about the Washington State Energy Benchmarking Law

Washington State Clean Buildings Energy Performance Standard

The Washington State legislature enacted the Clean Buildings law on May 7, 2019. It requires owners of non-residential buildings over 50,000 square feet to benchmark energy consumption, meet an energy performance target, establish an energy management plan, and implement an Operations & Maintenance program. Compliance with the standard begins in 2026 and is phased in based on building size.

Read our Clean Buildings Bill FAQ

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City of Seattle Energy Benchmarking

The City of Seattle requires owners of non-residential and multifamily buildings 20,000 square feet or larger, located within city limits, to track energy performance annually and report consumption.

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Review Seattle Benchmarking FAQs

Consumption Data for ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager

In order to comply with the Washington State Clean Buildings law or the Seattle Benchmarking and Reporting Ordinance, your building's energy usage data must be reported using the US EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. We will need your permission to upload your usage data to Portfolio Manager. Please follow these steps:

  1. Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions
  2. Complete and submit the Portfolio Manager Automated Benchmarking Request Form (requests are typically processed within 5 business days)
  3. After your request is processed, City Light will contact you with next steps.

For more information please contact us

Spreadsheet Requests

If you are not reporting your usage data through the Portfolio Manager and just want your data in an Excel file, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the applicable Consumption Report Release Form. Releases must be signed by the account holder.
  2. Email your completed form to or fax to (206) 287-5311

Please note that these requests are intended to support consumption allowance and conservation efforts and not for use with the EPA Portfolio Manager Application. We are able to fulfill one request per account, per year and data included in these reports are meter and account specific.