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Have your kids been begging for a pet of their own? If you’re ready to give in, but are still afraid you don’t have the space for a dog or maybe someone in your household is allergic to cats, the Seattle Animal Shelter has the perfect solution: start small. Come on down to the shelter […]
Kittens took over City Hall today, renamed “Kitty Hall” in a proclamation by Mayor Ed Murray, highlighting the Seattle Animal Shelter’s foster care program and encouraging the public to consider cat adoption. The public was invited to Kitty Hall to play with and cuddle kittens in an enclosed tent, and encouraged to attend the shelter’s […]
Get ready for irresistible cuteness as kittens take over City Hall tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15. Mayor Ed Murray has proclaimed renaming City Hall to “Kitty Hall” for the day. Read the proclamation here. WHAT: Seattle Animal Shelter’s interactive kitten exhibit WHEN: Tuesday, July 15, 2014, noon–1 p.m. WHERE: Kitty Hall Plaza at Fourth Avenue and […]
Summer weather can mean outdoor fun and family trips, but for pets it could also bring about safety hazards unbeknownst to pet parents. With temperatures forecasted to reach the 90s this weekend and continuing into next week, the Seattle Animal Shelter reminds pet owners to exercise good judgment and use common sense when it comes […]

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