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Search Tips - WTO Accountability Review Committee Documents

Starting Your Search
Words Anywhere: Enter any word into the first search box to bring up items that have descriptive data containing that word.
Title Words: You may narrow your search by searching on any word that appears only in the title of the document.
Subject Terms: You may also refine your search using terms from the WTO thesaurus. Click on "Subject Terms" on the search page to get a list of terms.
Words in Author Name: This list is useful to obtain the correct form of agency or departmental names and to browse for names.
Words in All Names: You can search on all name fields (author, persons named, intended recipient, etc.) by entering names in this field.
Document Type: All documents were classified by type (e.g., business card, press release, video). Use the drop-down list if you would like to narrow your search to a specific type of document.
Documents per page: Choose the number of documents that will appear on each page of your search results by using the "Documents per Page" box.
Search Behavior: You can search for every word in your search, wherever it appears, by leaving the default operator in the optional settings at "and" where it is by default. If you would like to search on one word or another, but not both together, choose "or." For example, you could enter "anarchist pepper" in the title field, choose "or" as the default operator and only get titles with "anarchist" where "pepper" does not appear and "pepper" in the title where "anarchist" does not appear. If you would like to search on two words only if they are near each other, in any order, choose the "adj" connector.

Search Results
Your search results will appear as a list with the item number, title, author and file location information. Click on the item to get a fuller description that includes all persons named in the document, length, and other information.

WTO documents are not available online; you must come to the Seattle Municipal Archives to view them. To request items you would like to see you will need the item number and the title (for example: arc7969, SPD 13, Unsorted). All items are from the WTO Accountability Review Committee Document Catalog, Record Series 1802-K1, Clerk File 304446.

The WTO Accountability Review Committee homepage has a very useful summary of the work of the WTO Committees and a timeline of events.

Wild Cards
These two characters can be helpful if you're uncertain of the spelling of a name or word, or if you want to bring up records that contain related words with the same stem.

  • ?: A question mark matches any single character.
  • $: A dollar sign matches any ending to a word root.
  • For example:
    • theat?? : matches theater or theatre
    • theat$ : matches theater, theatre, theatrical, etc.

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