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Water Department Superintendent

A public waterworks was created by City Charter Amendment in 1875. However, Seattle was served primarily by small private water companies for the next decade-and-a-half. Following the Great Fire of 1889, citizens voted to fund creation of a municipally owned water system. The City purchased the private systems and began development of the Cedar River Watershed, and since 1891, has owned and operated a municipal water system. The system was administered by the Superintendent of Water under the auspices of the Board of Public Works. In 1905 the Department of Lighting and Water Works was created. Five years later, the Water Department became a separate entity. In 1997 the Water Department was consolidated with the utilities of the Engineering Department to form Seattle Public Utilities.

1888-1889 Board of Public Works No Water Department.
1890 W.T. Preston Resigned.
1890 J.F. Pratt Served for 12 days.
1890 W.T. Chalk  
1891 F.W. Wald  
1892 Dubose Fitten  
1892 W.E. Wilson  
1893 R.H. Calligan  
1894 Andrew Jackson  
1895-1923 Luther B. Youngs Died in office.
1923-1926 George F. Russell  
1926-1928 L. Murray Grant  
1928-1931 W.B. Severyns  
1931-1932 A.F. Marion  
1932-1934 Otto D. Rohlfs  
1934-1936 Harold D. Fowler Resigned 6/1/36.
1936-1938 Joseph E. Whetstone  
1938 G.B. Schunke  
1938 Frederick Hamley  
1938-1949 William C. Morse Died in office.
1949-1955 Roy W. Morse Resigned to become City Engineer.
1955 Louis Judkins Served for two weeks.
1955-1966 James Raymond Heath  
1967-1987 Kenneth M. Lowthian  
1987 Thomas E. Spring Served for 3 months.
1987-1994 Robert P. Groncznack  
1994 Scott Haskins Served for 2 months.
1995-1997 Diana Gale