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City Treasurer

The 1869 City Charter specified that the Treasurer was elected by a majority vote of the Common Council.

1869-1872 Charles H. Burnett  
1873 D.T. Wheeler  
1874 H.W. Rowland  
1875 D.T. Wheeler  
1876-1877 H.W. Rowland  
1878-1879 John Blanchard  
1880-1881 L.S. McLure  
1882 J.D. Lowman  
1883 William H. Taylor  
1885 Andrew Chilberg  
1886 Lewis A. Treen  
1887 E.A. Turner  
1888 Isaac Barker  
1889-1892 Willis L. Amers  

The Freeholders' City Charter of 1890 provided for the election of a Treasurer by the qualified voting citizens of the City. The Treasurer's term of office was set at two years.

1892-1894 Adolph Krug  
1894-1896 J.M.E. Atkinson  
1896-1898 George F. Meacham  
1898-1900 Aaron H. Foote  
1900-1902 Samuel F. Rathbun  
1902-1904 Matt H. Gormley  
1904-1906 Samuel F. Rathbun  
1906-1908 George F. Russell  
1908-1910 William T. Prosser  
1910-1929 Ed L. Terry  
1929-1952 H.L. Collier Elected by City Council to fill unexpired term of Ed Terry. Resigned October 14, 1952.
1952-1967 George H. Culver Appointed to fill Collier's unexpired term. Retired January 16, 1967.
1967-1972 Egil D. Lorentzen Appointed January 16, 1967 to fill unexpired term of Culver.
1972-1973 P. F. Eldred Resigned January 1, 1974.
1974-1979 John W. Kelly  
1980-1992 Lloyd Hara The Treasurer’s Office was abolished by a citizen vote on a City Charter amendment.