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Seattle Street Commissioner

A City Charter Amendment in 1875 created the position of Street Commissioner to be elected annually by the Common Council. The new City Charter of 1890 stipulated that the Street Commissioner be appointed by the Board of Public Works and a subsequent Amendment in 1894 required that the position be filled by a member of the Board.

1877 William Blackman  
1878-1879 M.J. Costello  
1880-1882 R.H. Calligan  
1883 Henry Sheahan  
1884 G.L. Manning  
1885-1888 Lawrence Cummings  
1889-1891 George N. Alexander  
1892 Lawrence Cummings  
1893 Timothy Ryan  
1894-1896 George N. Alexander  

The new Freeholders City Charter of 1896 created the position of Superintendent of Streets, Sewers, and Parks. The Superintendent was appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term. In 1904, with creation of the Board of Parks Commissioners, the Parks function was removed from the Superintendent. The Department of Streets and Sewers was abolished in 1936 and became the Maintenance Division of the Engineering Department.

1897-1902 F.N. Little  
1903-1906 A.L. Walters Appointed to serve Little's unexpired term and was subsequently appointed for a full three-year term.
1907-10/1907 Charles R. Case Michael T. Maloney was appointed, but not confirmed. Case was appointed, but resigned in October.
10/1907-12/1909 Michael T. Maloney Maloney was appointed to finish out Case's term.
1910-1912 A.L. Walters  
1913-1921 Charles R. Case  
1/1922-8/1922 O.A. Piper  
8/1922-12/1922   Mayor Brown appointed George W. Scott, Carl S. Gassman, Francis R. Kelly, and Charles Bolsby, to serve Piper's unexpired term, but the Council refused to confirm any of them. Lt. Col. G.N. Rice was finally elected, but the Mayor refused to accept his bond. Rice resigned eight days after his confirmation by the Council. During part of this period, assistant superintendent Byron Thomas served as acting superintendent.
12/1922-6/1928 W.D. Barkhuff Barkhuff was appointed to served the balance of Piper's term and was subsequently appointed to two additional three-year terms. He resigned to become City Engineer.
6/1928-7/1931 Daniel A. Boyle  
7/1931-6/1932 Harry W. Dail  
6/1932-6/1934 Herman W. Ross  
6/1934-3/1936 Dudley B. Eddy Department was abolished.