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Seattle City Symbols

Seattle City Song

Words by: Arthur O. Dillon
Music by: Glenn W. Ashley

Seattle sits on seven hills,
Her glory is unfurled,
At her feet is Puget Sound,
Where moves The Commerce of the world.

Hail to the Peerless City,
Metropolis of the west,
The gateway to the Orient,
Whom grandeur hath caressed!

Her bosom's gemm'd with pearly lakes,
The mountains tower near;
The fir tree forest skirts her bound;
The beauty of earth is here.


Her men and women active, proud,
Seattle build sublime,
And greater far than ancient Rome,
The matchless for all time.


True love and art shall flourish here,
The heart's sweet, tender theme,
Upholders of the truth here dwell,
The dreamers of the Dream.


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