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Superintendent of Parks and Recreation

The 1890 City Charter placed the management of the City parks in the hands of a Park Commission and invested the Commission with the authority to appoint a Superintendent of Parks.

1892 James Taylor
1893-1895 E.O. Schwagerl

The 1896 City Charter replaced the Park Commission with a Park Committee that reported directly to the City Council. Management of the parks was vested in the City Council; the position of Superintendent of Parks was abolished; and the day-to-day administration of parks business was assumed by the Superintendent of Streets, Sewers, and Parks.

1896-1902 F.N. Little
1902-1904 A.L. Walters

An amendment to the City Charter in 1904 established the Board of Park Commissioners which was given authority to hire all such employees, including superintendents, it deemed necessary to maintain the park system. The following men led the daily operations of the parks staff under varying job titles including Superintendent, Landscape Architect, and Parks Engineer.

1904 William Pearse
1904-1920 J.W. Thompson
1921 Jacob Umlauff
1921-1922 R.E. Chapman
1922-1924 Jesse A. Jackson
1922-1926 Fred P. Matthys
1924-1926 A.P. Romine
1926-1927 L.G. Hall
1927-1934 Eugene R. Hoffman
1934-1948 W.C. Hall
1948-1960 Paul V. Brown
1960-1968 E.J. Johnson

A 1967 City Charter amendment established the Department of Parks and Recreation, reduced the Board of Park Commissioners to an advisory body, and placed the management of the department with the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. The Superintendent was appointed by the mayor for a four-year term.

1969-1973 Hans Thompson
1973-1977 David L. Towne

A City Charter amendment in 1977 abolished the four-year term restriction for the Superintendent.

1977-1988 Walter Hundley  
1988-1996 Holly Miller  
1996-2007 Ken Bounds  
2007 Betty Jean Brooks Brooks was interim Superintendent from February to November.
2007-2010 Timothy Gallagher  
2010-present Christopher Williams Acting Superintendent