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Director, Office of Intergovernmental Relations

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA) was established in the Executive Department in 1971 to act as the City's liaison with other cities and governmental agencies. In 1973, the IGA was moved to the Office of Executive Policy, and in 1975 was incorporated into the Office of Policy Planning. The Office of Intergovernmental Relations (OIR) became an independent agency in 1979, and absorbed the former Office of International Affairs in 1992.

1979-1991 William Stafford
1991-1995 Tom Tierney
1995 Linda Cannon (acting)
1995-1997 David Bley
1997 Linda Cannon (acting)
1998-2001 Clifford Traisman
2002-2007 Susan Crowley
2008-2009 Emelie East
2010-2013 Marco Lowe
2014- Nick Harper (acting)