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City Officials

City Council Members
  • Chronological list of council members from 1869 to the present, with information about how the legislative system changed through the years.
  • Alphabetical list of council members from 1869 to the present
  • City Council Committees database covering 1971 to the present (includes name of committee, names of committee members, and date)


Corporation Counsel/City Attorney

Department Directors
The following lists include the directors of current City departments. This section is under construction; new lists will be added regularly until all City departments are included.

Discontinued Departments/Elected Officials
The following lists include elected official positions that were abolished by Charter Amendment and departments that were reorganized and whose functions were moved to new or different agencies. For example, the City Clerk was an elected official for nearly 27 years until a new Charter in 1896 designated the Comptroller as City Clerk. (Today, the City Clerk is an appointed official in the Legislative Department.) The Engineering Department and Water Department were reorganized in 1996 with their functions moved to the newly created Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Department of Transportation.