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Director, Human Services Department

The Department of Human Resources was created in 1973, superceding the Office of Human Resources that had been part of the Executive Department since 1971. In 1991, the name of the agency was changed to Department of Human Services. A year later, it became the Department of Housing and Human Services. In 1999, the housing function was removed and the agency name was changed to Human Services Department.

1973-1974 Edward S. Singler
1974-1977 Curtis M. Green
1978-1980 Donald T. Dudley
1981-1984 Theresa Aragon Valdez
1985-1990 David R. Okimoto
1990-1991 Jerry Agen (acting)
1991-1992 Pamela S. Hyde
1992-1993 Joe Valentine (acting)
1994-2003 Venerria L. Knox
2003-2008 Patricia McInturff
2008-2009 Alan Painter
2010 Kip Tokuda (acting)
2010-2013 Dannette R. Smith
2013- Catherine Lester (acting)