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City Comptroller

The Office of the City Comptroller was established by the 1890 City Charter. The Comptroller was responsible for the general supervision of the City's financial affairs including maintenance of the municipal accounting system. The new Freeholders City Charter of 1896 transferred all of the Clerical Department responsibilities to the City Comptroller and made the Comptroller the ex-officio City Clerk. A City Charter Amendment passed by the voters in 1991 abolished the elective offices of Comptroller and Treasurer and combined the duties in a Department of Finance.

1890-1892 Chauncey W. Ferris  
1892-1894 J.M. Carson  
1894-1900 Will H. Parry Parry became the first Comptroller to also serve as City Clerk following adoption of the 1896 City Charter.
1900-1902 Frank H. Paul  
1902-1906 John Riplinger  
1906-1910 Harry W. Carroll  
1910-1912 William Bothwell  
1912-1938 Harry W. Carroll Carroll died in June 1938.
1938-1958 W.C. Thomas Thomas was appointed to fill Carroll's position and was elected in the subsequent election.
1958-1975 Carl G. Erlandson  
1976-1979 Edward L. Kidd  
1980-1985 Tim Hill Hill resigned to become King County Executive.
1986-1992 Norward J. Brooks Brooks resigned prior to the dissolution of the Office of the Comptroller.