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Lighting Department/City Light Superintendent

The citizens of Seattle approved a bond issue on March 4, 1902, for development of a lighting plant on the Cedar River. It was completed in 1904 and operated by Seattle Electric Company until January 1905, when it was taken over and operated by the Department of Lighting and Waterworks under the direction of Superintendent Luther B. Young. The Lighting Department was created by a Charter Amendment adopted April 1, 1910.

4/1910-3/1911 R.M. Arms Removed by Mayor Dilling.
3/1911-3/1931 James D. Ross Removed by Mayor Edwards.
3/1931-5/1931 BPW The Board of Public Works administered the Lighting Department until a successor to Ross could be appointed.
5/1931-7/1931 W. Chester Morse Appointed by Mayor Edwards and confirmed by Council after it had refused to confirm Armand F. Marion, Morse, Edward A. Duffy, Stirling B. Hill and Burton Pierce.
7/1931-3/1939 James D. Ross Died March 14, 1939.
3/1939-5/1939 W.C. McKeen Appointed as acting Superintendent after the death of Ross. Served until the appointment of a permanent Superintendent.
5/1939-12/1953 Eugene R. Hoffman Resigned December 31, 1953.
1/1954-4/1963 Paul J. Raver Died April 6, 1963.
4/1963-6/1972 John M. Nelson  
6/1972-12/1979 Gordon Vickery  
1/1980-2/1981 Robert H. Murray  
2/1981-8/1984 Joseph P. Recchi  
8/1984-9/1992 Randall W. Hardy  
9/1992-12/1994 Roberta Palm Bradley  
12/1994-6/2003 Gary E. Zarker  
2/2004- Jorge Carrasco