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City Clerk

Clerks of the Common Council
The City Charter of 1869 established that the Common Council elect a Clerk who would keep a "fair and correct journal of its proceedings, and to file and keep all papers and books connected with the business of the council." The Clerk also had responsibility for maintaining the books of accounts for the town.

1869-1872 George McConaha
1873 E. H. Brown
1874 William R. Andrews
1875 Henry E. Hathaway

City Clerks
An 1875 City Charter amendment changed the title of the Clerk of the Common Council to City Clerk; the duties and method of election remained the same.

1876 W. A. Inman
1877-1878 D.T. Wheeler
1878-1884 Eben S. Osborne
1885-1888 W.R. Forrest
1889-1890 Chauncey W. Ferris

The new City Charter of 1890 created the Clerical Department and provided for the election of the City Clerk by a vote of the people for a term of two years. The financial functions were removed from the Clerk and placed in the newly created Finance Department, under the jurisdiction of the Comptroller.

1890-1892 Henry W. Miller
1892-1894 George J. Stoneman
1894-1896 R.F. Stewart

The new City Charter of 1896 established the Comptroller as the ex-officio City Clerk with the authority to appoint deputy clerks to carry out the clerical functions.