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To the Hon. Mayor and Common Council of the City of Seattle


Your Committee on License and Revenue to whom was referred petitions from the offices and Trustees of the "Day Nursery" from R. H. Moss and others, from Mrs. Hubbard, and from the Western Central Labor Union asking for amendment of Ord. No. 1356, being the Ordinance recently passed by the Common Council, providing fro the regulation of intelligence offices in this City, beg to report as follows:

The petitions of R. H. Moss and of Mrs. Hubbard ask in substance that the ordinance be amended so as to discriminate in favor of women who follow the business of employment agents, by removing the license from such or by reducing the fee to a much smaller sum than $100 a year, and the petitioners further seem to be willing for the City to exact the sum of $100 a year from all male employment agents.

Your Committee think that in view of the fact that female employment agents as a rule furnish employment to women only and that thus, in the nature of things they are restricted to a limited business, it would be best to amend the ordinance so as to provide that women who keep employment agencies and furnish employment exclusively to females be required to pay a license of $20 a year or $5 a quarter and furnish bonds in the sum of $500 a year. Your committee, as a report on the petition of the offices of the "Day Nursery" which asked for an entire remission of the license fee from the employment office which is carried on in connection with the "Day Nursery," would recommend that the petition be rejected for these reasons: first, that as this office is carried on for gain however laudable the use of the same may be, it would seem to be unjust by thus discriminating against all others to crowd out of business other women who might attempt to gain a livelihood in this way, and second, that should the Council adopt this report the fee ($20) would be so reasonable as to work very little hardship on this very worthy institution.

Your Committee think that no license would be necessary to carry on an employment office where no compensation is asked for information furnished, as is proposed by the Western Central Labor Union, and your Committee think that enterprise is certainly a meritorious one on the part of the Union.

Respectfully submitted
May 26, 1890
D.E. Durie Chairman
F.A. Twichell

General File 990633, May 26, 1890
Seattle Municipal Archives

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