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Unemployment and the WPA in Seattle - Home
Digital Documents
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Unemployment and the WPA in Seattle -
Digital Documents

Excerpts from Mayor's Message to City Council (May 25, 1931)

Petition of Mayor relating to appropriation of aid for unemployed (October 17, 1931)

Report of Mayor's Commission for Improved Employment (October 13, 1931)

Protest of Central Unemployed Citizens League against system of hiring labor (May 27, 1932)

Protest of Downtown Local Unemployed Council against forced labor (January 14, 1935)

Letter from State of Washington Department of Public Welfare to Seattle Park Board (July 16, 1935)

Letter from Mayor to City Council relating to WPA projects (August 7, 1935)

Petition of unemployed workers for relief by employment (May 29, 1936)

Report of WPA on rates of pay, hours and conditions of employment (June 22, 1936)

Resolution of Workers' Alliance and Project Workers' Union regarding WPA pay increase (October 24, 1936)

Letter and report on Community Progress by Don F. Abel, State Administrator for WPA (January 9, 1937)

Seattle Park Department progress report on WPA projects (June 30, 1938)

Letter from W.C. Hall, Junior Park Engineer, to Don Abel, WPA Administrator (March 18, 1938)

Report of WPA park projects in Southern Division (April 25, 1939)