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Digital Documents

General information

  • Promotional pamphlet for Smith's successful campaign for Seattle City Council (1967)

  • Audio recording with selected excerpts from a June 29th, 1973 meeting of the Public Safety Committee, in which was discussed impending state legislation relating to gambling, as well as the possibility of the city taxing non-professional gambling, such as bingo and pull tabs.

  • City Council resolution expressing the Council and Mayor's sympathy and condolences to Sam Smith's family and friends upon his passing (November 20, 1995)

Smith's relationship with constitutents

  • Letter to Smith from constituent Galie West about legal problems, along with Smith's response (May 6 & July 11, 1989)

  • Letter to Smith from constitutent Nellie Flynn about concerns over her son's drug problem, along with Smith's rough draft response (December 4, 1990)

Issues of Open Housing and Race

  • Human Rights Commission pamphlet summarizing the Open Housing Ordinance (1968)

  • Minutes from a Council of the Whole meeting, during which the Open Housing Ordinance was passed (April 19, 1968)

  • Exerpt from a report by Smith as Chariman of the Seminar Planning Committee for the Seminar on Equal Opportunity and Racial Harmony (May 20, 1968)

The South African Granite Controversy

  • Letter to the Seattle Times by prominent African American politicians, Smith, Ron Sims, and Norm Rice concerning the South African granite issue (March 9, 1989)

  • Letter to Smith from constitutent Cornell W. Acheson concerning South African granite issue, along with Smith's response (May 6 & June 20, 1989)