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Textual Records

Sam Smith (Record Group 4682)
Correspondence, reports, notes, and agendas from Smith's office during the latter part (1977-1991) of his long tenure as City Councilman (1967-1991). Primary subjects include utilities, public safety, social services, and issues within the African-American community.

  • Series 4682-01: Sam Smith, Constituent Correspondence
  • Series 4682-02: Sam Smith, Subject Files
  • Series 4682-03: Sam Smith, Deptartmental Correspondence
  • Series 4682-04: Sam Smith, Utility Committee Records

Norm Rice, Subject Files (Record Series 4674-02)
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and studies relating to Rice and the South African Granite controversy, in which Smith was involved as a member of the presiding Metro Council.

  • Box 12, Folders 11-12: General Government. Intergovernmental Relations. Metro. Granite Pavers Issue. South Africa, Urban Mass Transportation Administration, South Africa, 1989
  • Box 13, Folder 1: General Government. Intergovernmental Relations. Metro. Granite Pavers Issue. South Africa, Urban Mass Transportation Administration, South Africa, 1989

Vertical Files (Record Series VF-0000)
Collection of articles, brochures and pamphlets, biographical information, research papers, ephemera, and other materials.

  • Box 1, Folder 73: Sam Smith: In His Own Words (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
  • Box 2, Folder 426: Sam Smith. Campaign and Biographical Information.

Ethics and Elections Commission, Campaign Finance Reports (Record Series 5274-13)
Public Disclosure Commission campaign finance reports (C1, C3 and C4) filed by candidates running for city office, citizen groups and local issue political action committees. Reports document campaign contributions and expenditures.

  • Box 2, Folders 7, 16-17: Sam Smith and Friends of Sam Smith, 1983-1984
  • Box 10, Folders 2-3: Friends of Sam Smith and Sam Smith Campaign Fund, 1987
  • Box 11, Folders 17-18: Sam Smith and Friends of Sam Smith, 1988
  • Box 19, Folder 10: Sam Smith, 1989
  • Box 24, Folder 12: Sam Smith, 1990
  • Box 30, Folders 9-10: Sam Smith, 1991

City Council Resolutions (Record Series 1801-09)
Resolutions are City legislation of an advisory nature, which state policy, or which take certain actions without the force of law.

  • Council Resolution #29245: "A RESOLUTION expressing the Seattle City Council and Mayor's sympathy and condolences to Sam Smith's family and friends upon his passing and our deep appreciation for his many contributions to Seattle city government and the community."

Clerk Files (Record Series 1802-01)
Materials placed "on file" with the City Clerk as an official City file. Types of records include affidavits, agreements, audits, applications, appointments, contracts, correspondence, annual reports, Mayor's messages and vetoes, petitions, policies and procedures, City publications, and legislation background materials. These records can be generated by elected officials, City agencies, and the general public. Search the clerk file database using terms like "smith," and "sam smith."

  • Approximately 10 recordings of Council meetings featuring Smith in some fashion, from the period 1973-1978. More recordings may be found by searching for meetings of committees for which Smith is known to be a memeber.

Audio Recordings

Selected audio recordings in the Seattle Municipal Archives available for research use. The recordings indexed to date are of full City Council meetings and Council committee meetings of which Smith was a part of, including the Public Safety Committee, Utilities Committee, Housing and Human Services Committee, and the Labor Committee. Search the Audio Collection Index for terms like "Smith," or "Sam Smith." (see the audio search tips for details).

  • Over 100 clerk files concerning various acts of Smith in the City Council, including public disclosure forms, campaign finance reports, proposals, and official requests.

Other Resources

The Samuel J. Smith Papers 1954-1991 (1964-1999), held by the Washington State Archives consists of a large collection of political records including campaign material, correspondence, speeches, and newspaper clippings. Around half of the collection deals with Smith's time as a Washington State legislator (1958-1967), and the other half with his tenure as City Councilman. Prominent subjects include open housing, election reform, civil rights, Seattle history and political topics.

The Washington State Heritage Center's Legacy Project publishes biographical information for notable figures of state history. Its website features an entry for Samuel Smith, which features an edited oral history provided by Smith near his death in 1995. Also included with the history are a number of photographs, clippings, and shorter interviews with Smith's siblings.