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Women in the Fire Department - Home
Digital Documents
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Women in the Fire Department - Digital Documents

Seattle Fire Department Culture 1927-1933

Annual Report - Fire Department Sports Association (1927)

Letter to H.S. Jenkins from Chief Mantor (February 20, 1930)

Letter to Chief Corning from Chief Whitaker (July 28, 1933)

Letter from Seattle Chief to Tacoma Chief (August 1, 1933)

Training and Recruiting 1964-1971

Profile of a Firefighter (1964)

What is a Firefighter? (1969)

SFD Training Division (1969)

SFD Training Division (1970)

SFD Training Division (1971)

Recruiting and Hiring Women in the SFD

Affirmative Action review of Seattle Fire Department (1974)

Flyer to recruit women for Seattle Fire Department (undated)

Personnel flyer about firefighter selection process (circa 1977)

Memo from Assistant Chief John Mancini about firefighter Barbara Beers starting at Battalion 1 (December 7, 1977)

SFD newsletter regarding pre-recruit program for women (July 1977)

Female Pre-Recruit Firefighter Program (circa 1977)

Women Firefighter Pre-Recruit Training Program (October 1978)

LEOFF Testing

Memo from Susan Lane to Mayor-Elect Charles Royer (December 29, 1977)

Memo to Susan Lane from Sara Theiss re LEOFF Medical Standards (January 16, 1978)

Civilian Opposition

Anonymous letter to Chief Hanson (February 1977)

Letter to Editor of Seattle Times from Susan Lane (June 15, 1978)

Later Years

"Pregnancy Benefits for Firefighters are Upheld", Seattle PI (March 1988)

Memo and review from Judy Bedell to City Council (August 10, 1990)

Letter from NOW to Mayor (July 31, 1990)

Oral History with Captain Bonnie Beers (February 2009)


SFD Orchestra

Recruiting billboard for SFD (c. 1966)

Barbara Beers graduating from recruit training (December 1977)

Recruits Antonio Gamino and Molly Douce (c. 1980)