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Pike Place Market Centennial - Home
Birth of the Market
Early Expansion
Traffic and the Fate of the Market
The City's Role as Overseer
Farmers and the Market
Japanese Farmers and Race Relations
The Aging of the Market
Plans for Change
Citizen Protests
Initiative 1
Rehabilitating the Market
The Market Revitalized
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Pike Place Market Centennial

Plans for Change

The first suggestion of impending change for the Market came in 1950, when engineer Harlan Edwards recommended demolishing it in favor of a large parking garage. While this idea went nowhere, in 1963 the business-oriented Central Association of Seattle put forward a proposal that would replace the Market with high-rise office and hotel buildings, as well as a 7-story parking garage. This plan would use federal urban renewal funds and had the support of the Mayor and City Council.

Edwards plan
Edwards plan
report cover
Report cover
architectural model
Architectural model

Mayor Braman speaking about proposed redevelopment, March 19, 1969 (1.3 mb)
CD 155, Recording ID 1
City Council Audio Tapes (Record Series 4601-03), Seattle Municipal Archives

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