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Pike Place Market Centennial - Home
Birth of the Market
Early Expansion
Traffic and the Fate of the Market
The City's Role as Overseer
Farmers and the Market
Japanese Farmers and Race Relations
The Aging of the Market
Plans for Change
Citizen Protests
Initiative 1
Rehabilitating the Market
The Market Revitalized
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Pike Place Market Centennial

Initiative 1

In 1971, Friends of the Market sponsored Initiative 1, which would establish a 7-acre historic district around the Market and a commission to approve and oversee any alteration or demolition of Market buildings. Twenty-five thousand signatures were collected in three weeks to qualify the measure for the ballot that November. The Mayor, City Council, and business community promoted a weaker counterproposal that included a smaller preservation area and less rigorous enforcement. While both groups claimed to be "saving" the Market, the voters preferred the vision of the Friends by a 3-to-2 margin.

initiative petition
Initiative petition
vote no
Flyer against initiative
district map
Historical district

Mrs. Carl Nugent speaking as a friend of the Market, April 19, 1969
     Part 1 (4.9 mb)
     Part 2 (5.0 mb)
     Part 3 (5.5 mb)

CD 179, Recording ID 101
City Council Audio Tapes (Record Series 4601-03), Seattle Municipal Archives

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